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Wood Mulch

Second Harvest Irish Wood Mulch

Dermot O'Neill, gardening expert on RTE Radio and Television has this to say: "This Second Harvest Irish Wood Mulch looks fantastic in the garden and at the same time it's so practical, helping to cut down on weeds and preserve valuable moisture in the soil. It will make a big difference to the quality of your garden"


All the timber used to produce SECOND HARVEST comes from recycled pallets and packaging that would otherwise be destined for landfill.


75 litre Bag (Walnut or Red)
€ 7.00
Cubic Meter Bag Walnut
€ 90
How much mulch do I need?
Depth of Mulch
1 cubic metre covers
20 sq. m.
13.3 sq. m.
10 sq. m.
8 sq. m.
6.6 sq. m.
3.3 sq. m.

Wood Mulch

Why Mulch?

Using high quality recycled mulch offers an easy cost effective way to cover bare soil in and around plants in the garden and other landscape areas. By adding mulch as ground cover there are several key benefits to both the appearance and quality of the planting schemes and garden borders.

Great Visual Appearance

  • Choose from Red, Brown or Dark Walnut colours to add to the appearance of your plants. The mulch colour can be chosen to show off the plants.
  • Because of the hard wearing characteristics of recycled wood mulch, it is a great option as a visually attractive path covering.

Weed Suppression

  • A covering of bare soil helps to prevent undesirable weed growth in the borders. As well as reducing the need for hand weeding, this will help your plants to grow as they will not be competing for water and soil nutrients.
  • For a more permenant solution recycled wood mulch can be used in conjunction with textile weed barriers.

Water Conservation and other Plant Benefits

  • A good covering of bare soil areas with mulch will significantly reduce the amount of water evaporation. The recycled wood mulch will also prevent the capping of the soil surface ensuring that rainfall or irrigation water will percolate slowly into the soil.



The high quality colour used on our recycled wood mulch gives a superior strong and brilliant colour that lasts 2 to 5 times longer than traditional bark mulch.

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