Our CNC router here at Hoeys DIY cuts wood, plastic or other materials into different shapes, widths and lengths. It is suitable for industrial and commercial and even small scale routing jobs.  Many of our customers are skilled cabinet makers and they use our CNC Services for cutting and shaping lengths for high end fitted kitchens and bedrooms, where detail and individuality are key.  For instance a certain shape might be required in a cabinet door or a special bespoke type of skirting has been commissioned.

We can also offer signage services and many clients use the cutting service to create children's initials for bedroom doors, or over mantles.  Increasingly we see wedding co-ordinators order bride and groom initials, to create that extra special touch on a special occasion.  Most fonts can be uploaded and away you go!

Thinking of a new product idea or concept, why not use our CNC routing and cutting serivce to create a mock up or prototype. Below is a perfect example of our CNC Service. Our client created wooden 6ft flowers which were used by the Cuprinol Garden in Bloom 2016, how stunning are they!.  

We can offer a CNC service throughout Ireland, not just Louth, Meath and surrounding counties and you can even  Email your files to us.  For more information call us on 042-9372380 or Email us.

CNC Routing Picture   CNC Routing Service at Hoeys DIY