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Hoeys DIY are a leading Supplier of Topform worktops and countertops throughout Ireland.

We unfortunatey can't sell any of our worktop range online due to ordering and delivery difficulties. Please feel free to browse through our range and contact us on 042 9372380 if there is anything you would like to ask.


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TopForm Worktops


 TopShape++      Shaped Countertops

TopShape++ is a truly unique, flexible and innovative product. These ready-to-go, pre-packaged and stylish worktop Shapes are designed to make your kitchen design dreams come true.

Multi-level, multi-surface and multi-functional are the "buzz words" in all modern kitchen design circles. With the creation of TopShape++ these are now words that you can use with the confidence when deciding on how to design your kitchen.

Whether you wish to revamp or update your existing kitchen, increase your work surface area, or create a new contemporary kitchen, TopShape++ is the creative solution for you. The ideas for use are endless.



What makes TopShape++ Shapes so special?


Pre-packaged, Ready-to-go from stock.

Laminated on both sides with heat, water, and scuff resistant laminate. Choice of eight laminate finishes.

"Square Edged" profile. Edged with polypropylene edging on all four sides to match surface colour and texture.

Furniture grade chipboard core.

No exposed surface areas.

40mm nominal thickness.

Individually packaged with storage, transportation and promotion in mind.

Our colours have been specifically selected to reflect the latest trends in fashion and interiors.

Our shapes are chosen for their adaptability and flexibility in integrating into a living kitchen environment.





TopShape Types




TopPlus++ Laminate Countertops


Innovative design, superior quality, plus a whole lot more. Stepping up the ladder in terms of quality you will find TopPlus++. This is our premium range of laminate-based kitchen worktops. TopPlus++ combines impressive and innovative design features, aimed at satisfying the needs of quality-conscious customers.



What Makes TopPlus++ worktops so special?


Available in stylish "wrap-under" or tactile profile

Innovative drip resistant steal

Back edge seal

Laminated on top with high quality, high pressure and hard wearing laminate

Melamine foil backing

Unique patented easy-to-cut, easy-to-identify "blueboard"

40mm nominal thickness

Available in 3.6mm & 4.1mm lengths




TopPlus Range


TopWood++ Wooden Countertops


Lasting beauty that won't cost the earth. To create a natural, authentic look in your kitchen, choose TopWood, our solid wood worktop. Strong, stable and versatile, a TopWood worktop will mature with age and last a lifetime.



What makes TopWood worktops so special?


Quality solid wood

Sanded to 100 grit

Available in 4 Mtr. X 650mm and 3 Mtr. X 900mm lengths

Square edged profile

40mm thick

Suitable for a wide range of installations

Hygienic, suitable for the safe preparation of food




TopWood Range